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     B Braun

  The safety system for less stress

- The operator guidance features provide all the
information required for safe set up and operation.
The main parameters are always in view.
- A flow clamp prevents “free flow” when the pump
door is opened. The air detector minimises the risk
of air infusions.
An adjustable shut-down pressure setting reduces the
bolus volume and shortens alarm response time in the
event of system occlusion.




  Perfusor® compact S

The handy syringe pump for paediatrics and neonatology
Wide selection of syringes for greater flexibility in applications Very low delivery rates for administration
of the smallest volumes




Two pump types – one concept
Smaller, lighter and safer to handle than any previously comparable system. Perfusor®Space and Infusomat®Space are setting new standards in infusion technology.
The user interface for both pump types is identical. This uniformity lowers costs for medical and technical training, streamlines workflow and raises safety standards.

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