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Lightweight and compact
Sidestream Capnograph

The CAP10 meets all the requirements demanded of a
modern sidestream capnograph. The adjustable sampling
rate and precise measurement cell allow the CAP10 to be
used on all patients, from neonates to adults.




Capnograph with Pulse Oximeter (Option)

The CAPNOX is a compact, mobile capnograph for
ambulances, day-surgeries and clinical environments.
The unit continuously monitors the expiratory carbon dioxide concentration, the respiration rate, the arterial oxygen saturation, and the pulse rate of a patient.



Pulse Oximeter

The NANOXeco pulse oximeter is a compact device, built for fast and reliable application. It works on patients from infants to adults. Its usage is uncomplicated, fast, and it delivers reliable results. 




Digital Handheld Pulse Oximeter

The PEARL5 Pulse Oximeter with its new digital signal
processing technology works reliably and can be used from infant to adult. It features a bright, crisp TFT display which is easily readable. The standard display can be set to three different modes: large numerical, numerical-waveform and numerical-trend.




Digital Desktop Pulse Oximeter with ECG (Option)

The PEARL100L is a modern and competitively priced
monitoring system. It is a versatile pulse oximeter that delivers quick and accurate measurements of the arterial oxygen saturation and pulse rate. 




  Pulse Oximeter Selection Chart




Vital Signs Monitor
With Pulse Oximeter and NIBP

This manual provides information for safe and successful use. It is part of the product and should be kept close to it for further reference. If you have any questions about this product, please ask your supplier or contact us directly:



Digital Desktop Pulse Oximeter

The VITROmap is a budget-priced pulse oximeter that works up to 9 hours on the integrated, rechargeable battery or directly from a mains connection. This cost-effective, versatile pulse oximeter delivers fast, reliable SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements, complete with plethysmographic waveform, pulse bar, and perfusion index. The values are displayed in blue (SpO2) and green (pulse) colour.

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