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The complete fetal and maternal surveillance

➍ Unobtrusive design using feedback from mothers has resulted in the smallest monitor in its class, improving the birthing environment for mother, family and staff.
➌ Clear screen graphics make it easy to monitor both mother and baby vital signs at a glance.
➋ Twin ultrasound plus fetal and maternal ECG channels come as standard. Both fetal and maternal ECG waveforms can be displayed on screen and as a ‘snapshot’ printout for improved hook-up and monitoring.
➊ Easily upgrades to include maternal blood pressure, temperature and pulse oximetry using the latest motion tolerant technology.




The world renowned sonicaidCentrale is an easy to use electronic patient record system for CTG viewing and
archiving, and, in a delivery suite environment, a complete labour management system. It provides a powerful platform for addressing risk management and clinical governance issues, and enhancing standards of care by providing instant access to a wide range of patient data, guidelines, protocols and other related
information. It also provides a platform for expert referral, training and case review. Optional reporting tools provide output for reporting, research etc.




sonicaid Dopplers
– the ultimate in Obstetric pocket Dopplers for obstetricians, Midwives, Doctors and other specialists
Delivering greater performance – more sensitive probes than ever before At Huntleigh we pride ourselves in the development of high quality and innovative products; however we never under estimate the importance of listening to our customers in response to which our ongoing commitment to research and development has enabled us to present the NEW Sonicaid High Sensitivity range – our most sensitive ever! The Sonicaid HS range offers an unmatched combination of unique automatic noise reduction, acclaimed lifelike fetal heart sounds and unequalled sensitivity, allowing users to more easily detect fetal sounds in early gestation and mums with raised BMIs (Body Mass Index) than ever before.


- simplicity in fetal monitoring

The sonicaidteam range is designed for simplicity in fetal monitoring. Developed in collaboration with leading obstetric specialists, the small, easy to use and lightweight unit can be transported effortlessly within hospitals, to clinics, doctor’s offices or even to the home.


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