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  Design Your Advances

HDVI™, a next generation technology which improves 3D volume image quality, and Volume NT™, a new 3D technology from Medison which automatically measures NT
improve your clinical confidence and help to advance your diagnosis and overall practice.

HD Volume Imaging™(HDVI™) gives outstanding image quality and naturally clearer contrast, with
excellent tissue differentiation, edge depiction and speckle reduction, allowing consistent diagnoses
with great confidence. It is particularly useful in the detection of subtle lesions and fetal brain defects,
as well as in the examination of the walls and valves of the fetal heart.



Introducing the portable color ultrasound system everyone can image with.
The SONOACE R3 digital color ultrasound system has a reputation for delivering quality imaging in the various diagnostic applications. Now we have shrunk that imaging power down into a compact size package that delivers virtually all the diagnostic capabilities of a conventional cart-based system anywhere. Welcome to the SONOACE R3,
the value choice in portable color.



  SonoAce R5 Ultrasound system

The SonoAce R5 is designed to provide you not only with the latest in diagnostics funtion, but also the greatest possible user convenience.Interface and an ergonomic design, and the quality of its everyday functions,such as Qiuck Scan, FSI, and THI , will enable you to extend your diagnostic boundaries while enjoying a more comfortable eorking environment.



  Ergonomic design 

The SonoAce R7 is a slim and ultra-compact system, with many ergonomic features one would not expect in this class. The control panel can be set by the user to the desired height, it has a very simple user interface, the menus are
customizable and, thanks to its light weight, it provides easy mobility.


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